First Update of 2014

It’s been a long time since my last update here. Jason and I got married last June in a lovely outdoor ceremony surrounded by many loving friends and family, including my sister. Unfortunately, my parents weren’t able to make the trip, so this fall, we took a trip to Ontario, Canada, to visit them. Yes, I admit it. Even though I’ve lived and worked in the U.S. for years, I am a native Canadian.

I’ve also been writing a lot lately and am still working on publishing a poetry collection later this year. The following poem will likely be included in it. The poem was inspired by a party my parents hosted one night for me and my handsome husband. We ate and drank far into the night and had an absolutely fantastic time.

Ontario Nightfall

Through the day and into dusk,
six oaks guard the old family house
burning by the still river. Firelight
bounces off the unshuttered windows.
An urgent wind presses against
the panes, and the clink of glass rims
scatters from the back patio,
symphonic and relentless.
Everything we did in that house
—words rushing through the air,
hands pushing away the shadows—
rises towards the coming stars
with the light ash from the fire pit
like a flock of birds let loose.
Still the trees stand silent, on guard,
the highest limbs nodding slowly,
even as the sky darkens from pewter
to black, and a gull banks over the hill
calling to no one and everyone.





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