2012 Updates

It’s been almost a year since I last posted, but I have been busy with real life issues and am afraid I have terribly neglected this blog. However, I do have a few announcements:

First, Jason and I are getting married. I proposed two weeks ago, and he said yes. The buzz of joy has not worn off yet, and I am the happiest man on the planet right now.

Second, we have completed our move to San Francisco.  I lived there years ago and have always wanted to return. A recent job opportunity came up in my field, and since Jason was not working at the time, we made the decision to pick up and move.

Third, I had to delay work on my second chapbook of poetry because of work and other family things. I hope to be picking that back up  soon and working towards completing it. I haven’t decided on a title yet and am tossing around a few ideas. The title needs to accurately reflect the theme of the chapbook, but since the chapbook is not completed yet, I can’t say for certain what it’s final focus will be. I may be posting a few random poems here as time and inspiration permits.


Happy Thanksgiving to you all.



  1. I’m sorry I said that you lifted my pen name to write your wonderful poems and that you lifted the titles of my books and short stories for those amazing works. I know that you are the real Lloyd Phillip Campbell and I’m just a bigoted, bad-example-of-a-Christian, wannabe, speculative fiction author.

  2. That’s the closest I’veever seen Nicky to acting like the Christian he claims to be. It seems my prayers are finally being answered, that Nicky discover the true meaning of Jesus’ words and abandon the hateful pseudo-Christianity he has advocated for so long.

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