“Modern Love” Selling Well

I am pleasantly surprised by the response to my chapbook, “Modern Love”.  I have a number of sales now, as well as quite a few downloads of the free preview. I have also received both complimentary and encouraging emails.

This is the first step to really getting my name out there.

I have also been told by other poets that the Amazon Kindle market is much larger than the Smashwords market. I am considering releasing a Kindle version of “Modern Love”, just to see how it does and further increase my exposure.

As a reminder for the casual reader, “Modern Love” can be found for now at Smashwords. Only $0.99!



One comment

  1. That is awesome and you know it — I heartily support Gay Marriage and I will leave a great review for Modern Love on smashwords because you are such a wonderful poet. I love San Fran they are a rocking place anyway.

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