Chapbook Publication Imminent

Just wanted to let my faithful readers know that publication of my first chapbook is imminent. The cover art is done, and I’m having the layout revised slightly to incorporate a couple of new poems. We’ve also changed some fonts/margins/etc to make for a nicer look in ebook format. Publication was primarily delayed, however, while I registered my copyright to all of the poems in this chapbook, which will prevent my personal troll from fraudulently claiming copyright violations in my work.

My biggest decision now is how to price the chapbook. It will be released electronically only at this point because that allows for lower pricing and more sales (hopefully!). The paper cost of a short chapbook – plus shipping for those who bought it – would be to expensive given the short length of the book. So ebook it is!

I’m actually quite excited about this release, and I really look forward to feedback.


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