More Submissions and Chapbook Progress

I submitted four more poems this week. Both places that I submitted to take reprints, so I can still include the poems in my upcoming chapbook even if the poems are accepted but not published there until after the chapbook comes out.

The chapbook is coming along nicely. I just need to decide on a final line-up of poems. I’ve gone round and round on this, rearranging the poems and tinkering with them. Paul Valery, a French poet, once said, “a poem is never finished, only abandoned.” I think he’s correct. I can pick up poems I wrote years ago and still see ways to improve them using the skill I’ve gained in the intermediate time. Or even a poem I wrote last week, where I feel the need to change a line break or a word or two.

I did also send one newer poem to Poetry Northwest. They are a tough market to break into, but I have loved their publication and was disappointed when it went on hiatus. It’s nice to see them back.


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