Chapbook Almost Ready

I’ve just about finished expanding and reformatting my chapbook “Modern Love” for its new publisher. Yes, it will still be self-published, but this is pretty much standard for poetry unless you are a big name. I’m not. Yet.

I do have about 15 poems submitted out various places right now. Got two rejections recently, but I’m still hopeful about the other markets.

I have decided, however, that the chapbook will no longer be free. I’m thinking of charging a nominal amount – maybe $1.99 – because I think it shows that I place value on my work. I want people to enjoy it, and I don’t write to get rich (if I did, poetry would be a poor choice of style/genre), but it would be nice to see some small return on my creative energies.

I have also decided to use the first cover shown in a previous post – the one with the green star. I like the “modern” color scheme of black, white and lime green, and the basic imagery.

I’ll post again when my chapbook is live!


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