Good Progress This Week

I’ve made good progress on some new work this week. Jason (my boyfriend) has been out of town on business, so the house has been quiet. Perfect for writing. I was even able to arrange to take a few days off from my job. I love my guy, but sometimes I need time alone to let my ideas germinate and flourish.

I’ve also been rereading one of my favorite essays about writing poetry: “Advice I Wish I’d Been Told” by Walt McDonald. I only discovered this fine piece of writing a couple of years ago, but it has been invaluable in how I have viewed and revised my newer poems.

And speaking of my newer poems, I wish could say that they deal with a single theme, but truth be told: they’re all over the place. Politics, poverty, relationships, children. It’s going to be hard to pull together a coherent set for my larger collection, which I would still like to have out by later this summer, but I suppose it’s better to have too many ideas than not enough.


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