New Poem and New Publisher

Lulu has been less than forthright in their recent dealings with me, including refusing to tell me what content was at issue, what the “issue” was, and who had complained. They finally admitted who complained – and yes it was the troll I mentioned in the previous post – but I now have reservations about reposting anything with them. I have explored other publishing options and will have some news soon. I have already corresponded with the new site briefly about Nickolaus Pacione’s previous harrassment, so if Mr. Pacione trolls my new publisher, they will be forewarned.

In the meantime, here is a new poem that I just recently wrote and that will be included in the revised version of “Modern Love”:


Snowflakes are thick as thieves tonight
and just as stealthy, piling up
on window sills and railings.
Smog has settled in to stay.

Inside, with you, the logs in the fire
crackle and spit. Your father’s harsh
words still ring in my ears, burn bits
of my heart like the embers on hearth.

You sit next to me, silent as carven
statue but still lovely in your skin,
pale as marble, cold from the bus ride
home, cold from our rejection.

“Sticks and stones” means nothing,
a good intentioned children’s rhyme.
I touch your hand, a whisper touch.
You don’t pull away.

So let the snow fall, let frost etch
the sooty window glass, let the fire
die down to a glow. In the morning,
we’ll shovel out together.


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