Wednesday Status Update

My boyfriend  Jason has just headed off to the corner market for some scones and lattes, so I thought I would take a few minutes and update my readers, however few they may be, on a few things.

1. No new news on the poetry submission front. Course I did start with the big names. Why not. You’ve got to dream big, right? Oh well. The next batch of submissions are going out this week to some less competetive markets. Keep your fingers and toes crossed.

2. A troll has hit my Modern Love chapbook listing at Lulu. He appears to be another Lulu user who is unhappy that my name is the same as his made-up pen name. WTH? I’ve reported him to Lulu and hopefully the page will soon be nice again.

3. I’ve set up a page at Authorsden featuring my work. Come see and leave a comment or review. We poets love feedback.

Look for a new poem here soon, too. Something from my days in San Francisco.



  1. OMG, you are so lucky to have such a supportive boyfriend. Mine is such a flake sometimes. Well anyway I read your chapbook and I love love love your work!! Count me in as a customer when you publish your next book. By the by, what type of scones???

  2. To answer your question, they were cranberry orange scones and decaf soy vanilla lattes. Thank you very much for your praise too. I am hoping that if I can get a few poems published in better markets that I won’t have to self-publish my first collection.

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