“Modern Love” Available at Lulu

I’m proud to announce that I have just published my first mini-collection, also known as a chapbook, of poems. It is called Modern Love and is available for free at Lulu. Please check it out.

As enticement here is the first poem from the book, dedicate to the one and only woman I’ve “loved” – a lovely young lady, but (obviously) not the person for me:


I like hats, all kinds:
cowboy hats with red and silver bands,

top hats, those iconic habitats for fat white rabbits
afraid of crazed magicians;

berets, black wool on a cocky tilt, making me wish
I knew more French than rendezvous

and  sil vous plait and c’est la vie;
baseball caps (go Bears!);

beanies – not for me – too silly;
fedoras – now there’s a hat I could

once pull off, could once roll up my arm
(oh, how I practiced that!).

But most of all I like
the little rubber hat I wear with you.


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